Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. Although 88% of the population are Muslims, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. Muslims in Indonesia are also known for its moderate and tolerant. This site contains some basic information on Islam in Indonesia.

Indonesia is home to the Largest Muslim communities in the world. Although 88% of its population are Muslims, Indonesia is not an Islamic state. Indonesian Muslims are well-known for Their moderation and being tolerant. This site Provides Some basic information about Islam in Indonesia.

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The Coming of Islam

[...] The Indian Ocean continued to serve as both a commercial and a cultural link Between Indonesia and the countries to the west. Thus Islam, the which was established on the Arabian Peninsula by the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century AD, followed the Hindu and Buddhist Religions into the archipelago. By the late Twentieth Century, approximately 85 percent of Indonesia's inhabitants Considered themselves to be Muslim. continued

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The history of the early spread of Islam in some areas now known as Indonesia is extremely diverse. The spread of Islam in Java, mostly done by Walisongo (nine guardian). The following is brief information about Walisongo.

Walisongo (Nine Wali)

"Walisongo" means the nine saints. They are Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Sunan Ampel, Sunan Giri, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Dradjad, Sunan Kalijaga, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria, and Sunan Gunung Jati. They do not live at the exact same time. But having linkages to each other closely, if not in blood ties as well as in teacher-student relationship continued ...

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Islamic Organizations in Indonesia

In Indonesia there are many Islamic religious and social organizations. Of the many organizations, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah are the organizations greatest.


Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) is the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with about 35 million members. NU is often categorized as Islamic traditionalis, one of them because of pesantren education system. Pesantren are Islamic religious school run by the NU's kiai, and usually provide lodging for students. Boarding schools are generally taught how to read and write the Koran in Arabic, memorizing the verses of the holy Koran, other Islamic religious instruction, as well as science and general knowledge.


Muhammadiyah is the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia, with a membership of about 30 million. Often categorized as a modernist Islam, Muhammadiyah has thousands of schools, universities, and institutions of higher education as well as hundreds of hospitals throughout Indonesia.

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Liberal Islam in Indonesia

Liberal Islam is a religious movement that emphasizes the understanding of Islam that is open, tolerant, inclusive, and contextual. In Indonesia, the spread of liberal Islam has been going on since the early 1970s, with characters Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nur). Although not known as a liberal Muslim, Cak Nur's thoughts are often referred to as neomodernisme Islamic thought, the basis of the development of liberal Islam today. Since 2001, a number of young Muslim intellectuals and activists started the spread of liberal Islamic ideas in a more organized. They later founded the Liberal Islam Network.

Liberal Islam Network: Background & Activities

Is There a Rainbow in Islam?

Indonesia and the War Against Terrorism

Indonesia is one target of terrorist attacks lately. Actions bombings on Christmas Eve in 2000 in several churches in several cities in Indonesia, the bombing in Kuta, Bali in October 2002, and blasting Hotel J. W. Marriott in Jakarta in August 2003 has killed hundreds of innocent people and injured hundreds of others. Thanks to the efforts of security forces with support from the people of Indonesia as well as good cooperation with other countries, a number of terrorist groups, particularly those bargabung in a group known as Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) were arrested and brought to justice. To learn more about terrorist groups operating in Indonesia, please see the archives of the International Crisis Group.

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